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Bing Webmaster Tools – How To Generate Free Traffic To Your Website

  • 9 min read

Everything you need to know to earn free visits with Bing Webmasters Tools

Created in the Google Search Console image , Bing Webmaster Tools has the same objective as the competitor: Index pages from sites in its directory so the sites appear in search results. Before we talk about the tool itself, we have to understand what Bing is.

Like Google, Bing is a search engine, and is one of the biggest in the following, second only to giant Google. Created by Microsoft, Bing is one of the largest internet search engines and is widely used by many people throughout Brazil and the world.

Like Google, Bing ended up creating Bing Webmaster Tools , a tool that provides status of your sites, such as indexed pages for example. However, as the overwhelming majority of people use only Google as a search engine, many users are unwilling to index their site on Bing.

However, followers of this practice end up losing visits that can influence the development and growth of your website. For that reason, having Bing off your site isn’t a good idea, is it? After all you will be losing organic traffic to your website. Kinesiologa

What does Bing Webmaster Tools have?

Dashboard: The dashboard works by showing some summarized data from your sites, such as: Clickthrough rate, indexed pages, pages with errors, etc. This way you will have in mind what you will need to change to improve the site’s performance. Remembering that the information shown is for a single domain, see the image below:

Bing Webmaster Tools 1

Reporting Tools: With these in-depth reports, you will know and understand what drove people to your site ( Searched Keywords ). This way, you can see where it should be improved to increase organic traffic considerably. Knowing what words users searched on Bing to find your site, you can improve your articles and posts, improving results and putting your site at the top.

Diagnostic tools: With diagnostic tools, such as keyword research , you’ll get a rough idea of ​​what people are searching for in your niche, including the number of monthly searches for a given term. This way, you will know which keywords to use in your posts and considerably expand your site, once the optimization is done correctly for the keyword you want, you will receive free organic traffic.

Notifications: Notifications are nothing more than alerts that are issued to your website, good or bad. Whenever something happens to your site (Similar to Google Webmasters Tools ), you will get a warning, and if it’s a problem, Bing Webmaster Tools will show you how to fix it.

Note: As on adult websites the spread of viruses and spam is higher, having this Bing tool activated becomes somewhat mandatory, if you want to stay on top of the health of your website.

One of the most outstanding features of Bing Webmaster Tools is the ability to test the compatibility of a specific page on your website on a mobile device. This tool that just a short time ago was only explored and made available to users by Google Search Console.

But anyway, how to get organic traffic from BING?

Well, we’ve already seen that the Bing Webmaster Tools tool is indispensable for those who have a common or adult website, but how to really get traffic without paying anything through this search engine? The answer to this question you will see in the following tutorial.

The first step to get visits through Bing, is to register your site in Bing Webmaster Tools , through there you will have full control over your site, see indexed pages , with errors and submit pages manually. Register here. 

  1. After you register in the Bing tool, what you will have to do next is add your website to the platform, adding the url and clicking ADD

2. After that, you will be asked to enter your site’s sitemap . As this is just a tutorial, I am using an example site, but you will need to enter your site url. Generally, the sitemap of any site is found at “”. You will have to follow these steps and then you will see the registration information as below:

NOTE: The sitemap works as follows: As you make posts within your site, it will automatically send your posts to the search engine, thus facilitating its indexing.

3. Following through the tutorial, you should now confirm that the site is owned by you. It’s not difficult at all, you’ll just have to copy a code that Bing Webmaster Tools provides and paste it under the <head> tag of your blog/site.

Note: If you use wordpress, your site’s <head> tag will be following this path: Appearance –> Editor–> Header.php . After entering “header.php” you will then find the <head> tag of your website, and then just paste the bing code below it and click on “Update file”.

If you use Blogger, just enter your theme editor and press “CTRL+G” and then type: “<head>” (without quotes). Once you have done that, your browser will show the tag and you will then paste the bing code below it, and then click “Save”.

4. If you have successfully completed these steps, then you will soon have your website added and available to manage in the control panel, as in the image below:

NOTE: My website is covered, but in the area to your left the website should appear with a preview available. Calm down, I’ll explain what these numbers mean, lol.

  • Messages: The message tab is responsible for showing you any errors or anything that is interesting for you to know about the site. Remember that in addition to appearing on the platform, messages are also sent by email.
  • Search clicks: Shows the percentage of clicks you’ve received on your site in a given time. It shows the increase or decrease in the amount of clicks your site has received after a certain amount of time.
  • Shown in Search: Shows the ascending or descending percentage that your site was shown in search results, regardless of whether it was clicked on or not. This data is to show that the keywords that people are searching for display your site.
  • Crawled pages: These refer to pages that your site’s sitemap is sending and are already being crawled by Bing robots . The crawled pages are then indexed by the search engine.
  • Indexed Pages:  The number of pages that have been indexed in a given period of time on your site. This tab is important to check if they are all being added correctly to the search engine, or if some have errors.

5. When you click on any of your websites that are in the control panel, you will be redirected to the screen below, where I will explain how you can earn free organic visits through it.

The tab shown in red shows a summary graph of your site’s performance, while the tab in blue shows the tools available. I’ll cover the most important ones so you can get free organic traffic.

5.1. Sitemaps : This tab should not be left aside at any time, as it is through it that you will send your site’s sitemap, so that it will automatically add your site/blog posts to Microsoft’s search engine. When clicking on the function, you will see the following screen:

The red tab is where you’ll upload your sitemap to Bing , the blue tab shows all those that have already been uploaded, the number of urls each uploaded, as well as the date and whether or not the upload was successful.

NOTE: SEO plugins or other types of plugins may end up changing your sitemap urls, such as Yohast Seo and JetPack.

5.2. Submit URLs : Sitemaps take some time to submit pages that will be crawled and then indexed . For this reason, just like Google Search Console , Bing has a tool for submitting links manually, making it indexed faster. But on the other hand, your competitor has an unlimited registration of URLs, while your platform provides only 50 links per month, being able to send up to 10 per day.

The tab in red refers to the area of ​​sending links, where you can add up to 10 per day. One link can be placed below the other to facilitate submission. The part in red shows the links that have already been sent to the platform and the sending date.

           5.3. Page Mobile Compatibility : This tab is very brief but not least important. Here you can see if the pages of your website are compatible with mobile devices . As we know, compatibility with all devices is a crucial factor in site/blog ranking . Not leaving that aside, this guide should be looked at with attention to the smallest details.

5.4. Search Keywords: This tab is one of the most important in the tool. Here you can see what words people searched on Bing to find your site. It shows more detailed information, such as how many times the search was done for a certain word and how many people clicked to enter your website/blog

5.5. Keyword Search : Similar to the old Google Keyword Planner , this Bing tool aims to show how many times a certain word has been shown in search results in a given time. This will help you plan which keywords to use in your articles.

Conclusions on how to gain free organic traffic using Bing Webmaster Tools:

If you follow all of the above steps, produce quality content, research ideal keywords , you will have everything you need to gain organic traffic for free using Bing. Do not leave the tool aside and use it wisely, this way you can guarantee good free visits to your blog/site.

Regardless of whether your site is adult content or not, I’m sure this article will help you get your visits organically without having to pay for it.

Final conclusion

As one of the biggest search engines today, BING should not be left out when it comes to free organic traffic . It is one of the best tools for SEO and free website analysis , with professional tools for free use.

Considering that it has a word search engine that resembles the old Google Keyword Planner , and also has its platform constantly optimized, leaving Bing Webmaster Tools out of the picture is not an option if you want to see your site getting thousands of free visits every day.

Well folks, the article ends here, but soon I’ll be bringing you more updates and more content to get you maximum free traffic to your site.

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