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How to Choose the Right Name for My Site?

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First of all, know that this point is very important, both for you who want to create a successful adult website, or for another niche as well. Knowing how to choose the right name for your online business is one of the factors that will influence you in the future, and may even determine whether you will be successful or not.

Luckily, nowadays we have tools that can help us in this mission, but in addition, I will give extremely important tips for you to be successful in the future.

Choose The Right Name For My Site0A0A 1

But before that, we need to know what a domain is, and how it will influence the SEO performance of the adult site, and also when users access it. A very frequent question I have received is about the different types of domains, where they end in .com, others in and those .xyz and .online.

Difference between .com and domains

Both domains are accessible from all over the world, and have no influence on your business seo. The only difference between them is the regulatory body, which in the case of domains ending in .br, this responsibility belongs to REGISTRO.BR, while for those that end in .com, this function belongs to external companies.

Okay, but what about those ending in . xyz ? This is a new type of domain that has recently arrived on the market, it has a very low acquisition price, but in the renewal period (which we will talk about below) the price becomes extremely expensive.

In practice, how to choose the right name for my online business

Before proceeding, you should have chosen which niche you will work in and keep that in mind. Example: You want to create a porn site to talk only about “Anal sex”, then your domain must have the keyword “anal” obligatorily.

Choose The Right Name For My Site0A0A 3

After that, let’s imagine that your site is called “free” , but when a user enters, he ends up seeing all kinds of porno videos, except anal. It will leave immediately and believe me, a lot of people will do the same, it will be difficult to rank on google.

Don’t run away at any time from its central theme, if the name is “free analsex”, then the user when entering should come across free anal sex, keep that in mind. But even so, I can talk about other topics, like “vaginal sex”, the answer is yes, you can.

But always stay focused on your site’s main theme.

Now that you know a little bit about the subject, we will now start defining the name of our porn site, and for that you will need to access a site to make the purchase, which we recommend here to HOSTOO.IO , I have already done another article talking about hostoo, how and why it is the best hosting for websites , and in it you can buy your domain and still get 2 months of free hosting! Click here to access and purchase.

With the hostoo website open, open a new tab and access Semrush which is a keyword searcher and will help us from now on. Create your free Semrush account, and follow the tutorial below to find the right name for your website.

Semrush Tutorial Choosing Keywords

1_ After creating the free account in semrush, you should have gone to a screen like this, don’t waste time and click on the option: “Keyword overview”.

2_ On this screen, enter the keyword you want to create your site for, in my example I used “free anal sex”

3_ After you click “search” you will receive an approximate search volume for your keyword, and this is where you will base yourself to choose the right name for your website.

  1. Database: Make sure this tab is the right country to rank, in our case BRAZIL.
  2. Volume: Shows the amount of monthly searches that are done for this term, which in this case is 4,400 which is an optimal volume for this specific key term.

4_ Lowering the screen a little, you will see similar terms, which are extremely useful when choosing the name for your porn business, check it out:

These keywords are similar to the term we researched “free anal sex”, and will help us create our domain, which I will explain below.

How to buy domain on Hostoo

Remember hostoo ? The best dedicated hosting company on the market today. Well, it sells domains too, and to buy it is very easy, see the tutorial below. Remember that when you buy a domain on hostoo, you will get 2 months of free hosting! It’s a huge advantage! Click here to access. 

1_ Once you have entered the link above, you should have gone to the screen below. Click on PRODUCTS and then on DOMAIN REGISTRATION.

2_ Now, we will choose the name for our porn site, for that, put the term in question in the search box and click on “search”. In my example, I want to create a site with the name “free anal sex”, that’s why I put “free anal sex” there, all together and without an accent.

3_ After clicking “search” the hostoo will tell you if the domain is available for registration or not. In my case, someone has already bought “”, but the company on the side already shows others available that I might be interested in buying and that are similar to what I wanted. I decided to buy “”. When choosing what you want click on “register”

On the next screen you will register and purchase the domain, as well as have access to two months of totally free hosting.


In this tutorial you learned how to choose the right name for your domain, and still get free hosting! Be sure to read our other articles here on the site, and if you have any questions, book your consultation with me through whatsapp. CLICK HERE TO TALK TO ME.

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