How to make money with tips, photos, videos, etc. In Internet

OnlyFans : Make money online with your creativity. People are often looking for a way to supplement their income with something they like to do so that one day, who knows, their hobby will become their official source of income.

Always thinking about this possibility, there is a section here on the money portal , which serves to help those who seek this type of alternatives.

– Continue after advertising – This time I come to present you a website where you can get some money offering a series of things that you do regularly, for pleasure or entertainment.

It is a free platform where you can offer everything from your favorite photos , stories , everyday life, videos , audios and everything that people from all over the world are interested in acquiring.

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You may have even heard of OnlyFans , whose broader content distribution policy may have taken advantage of its popularity around the world and even here on Brazilian soil.

As its name implies, it is a platform where some people offer some type of content to other people who end up becoming their fans.

Basically, OnlyFans is like a mixture of Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and Instagram, where your fans can give tips for the content that you offer or subscribe to your content for a monthly fee that you set.

On the platform you can offer almost any type of content digitally (except illegal ones of course) . In it you can find sellers of courses, tutorials, photos, videos, recipes, music and etc …

onlyfans 3

How to register with OnlyFans: The registration process is very fast. Only you:

  • Access to the site web of OnlyFans by clicking here ;
  • Fill in your email;
  • Choose a password;
  • And soon. The record is quickly released.

Although the platform is originally in English, it has a Portuguese translation that is not so good, but it makes life easier for those who want to use it in our native language. How to make money with OnlyFans: After completing your registration, if you want to become a content provider for your fans, you must first go through the OnlyFans account verification step : This step is very important, as to verify that you really are the speaker, the platform asks the user to send a photo with a document. 

It is based on the information contained in this document that payments received by the content producer will be made.After submission, your account has a “APPROVED” status and verification of the information can take anywhere from a few hours to 24-48 hours. This is the most boring part, but necessary to filter fake profiles, liars, minors without parental consent, etc.

After verifying the data, all you have to do is choose your preferred method of reception and get to work. What can you offer at OnlyFans? Once you have completed your registration, you can offer a wide variety of content to your future fans, ranging from a video with that secret recipe that has been in your family for generations, to a photo you took with your cell phone and found a lot. . beautifull.The content you offer will only depend on your creativity. How will people pay for my content on OnlyFans?

Basically, there are 3 ways to make money with OnlyFans :

First – Offering their fans a subscription to all of their content for a monthly fee. In this way, the fan who chose to subscribe to your content will have access to everything you post on your page. 2nd – Offer content with a specific value for unlocking: in this way you can publish several things for free and block some publications so that only someone who buys them has access. Content posted to members only will appear as in the image below:

onlyfans 2

How to make money with tips, photos, videos, etc. on the Internet 3

3rd – Publish free content and ask your friends and fans to thank you by sending them advice. The send suggestion button in OnlyFans appears as in the following image:

onlyfans 1

How to make money with tips, photos, videos, etc. on the Internet 4

Important note: To open an account, both as a producer and as a user / fan in OnlyFans, the person must be over 18 years old , since with the more liberal policy of the platform, it is not difficult to find content producers that offer videos. and photos of an adult’s stamp there.

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