Personal speaking, has generating traffic to your website become a problem? In this article I will cover a way for you to generate 5 to at least 7k daily views on your adult site , and the best, all for free and you’ll just have to produce quality content.

Free traffic is one of the biggest requests I get in my emails. Several people ask me to show how to get traffic to adult sites and today I decided to show, and unlike all traditional methods, with this one, your effort should be focused only on content production.

But before starting the article, I would like to ask you something… Do you know what link aggregators are ? And do you know how it can benefit your website? These are some basic questions, but they will be answered in the course of this post.

What are link aggregators?

Link aggregators are websites that direct their visitors to third-party websites, as they do not create content, they work practically like a kind of search engine, like Google. This type of website is accessed daily by thousands of people and can be used as a great source of free traffic for you.

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At first, aggregators were developed for sites on the most diverse subjects, but over time sites specialized both in common content and adult sites have emerged . Among which we can mention:

Aggregators work as follows: Through a link registration system, users can submit site posts, as well as choose a catchy title and description. After registering and submitting the link, the user must wait for one of the administrators to approve the publication.

Tia-Tanaka : One of the aggregators that has the greatest number of daily accesses, it has one of the easiest link registration systems to be used. After your link on Tia-Tanaka is approved, it will appear to users who access the aggregator, and if your link has a lot of clicks, it will have a prominent space on the Tia-Tanaka homepage .

Vadiando na net: Along with other aggregators like Tia-Tanaka and Link de Putaria , Vadiando na net is one of the best link aggregators when it comes to approved links. It has an easy-to-use link registration system, however thumbnails must be resized to 250×250 before being sent to the aggregator.
The site in general is easy to use, and it doesn’t have many invasive advertisements that will detract from the user experience.

Atoa on the net: Perhaps the biggest site aggregating links to blogs and channels on youtube , Atoa on the net today has the most diverse subjects, ranging from humor to adult content , thus giving more coverage to all types of blogs .
Its platform is organized and divided into categories, has an internal link registration system, where the user must log in to be able to send the links and have access to the dashboard.
Their criteria for approving links are strict, especially with adult content , where the tolerance regarding images and content description is very strict. We can cite the example of uploaded thumbnails, which must be linked to the content of the post, but must not show explicit sex.
This link aggregator can easily send thousands of visits to your website, free traffic, 100% organic and qualified.

Porn file: A modest site, which started a short time ago, has a simple template that has no invasive advertisements, which ends up attracting many users. Despite its simplicity, this porn links aggregator proves to be very useful, especially for those who are just starting out, as it manages to send satisfactory visits to your site.
Similar to the big ones in its field, it has an internal link registration system, where users can track individual details of each link sent, such as: date sent, number of clicks, status and even has a delete function post anytime.

Whoring link: With the registration system similar to Tia-Tanaka’s, this aggregator has thousands of daily accesses. Having a simple design, but with some pretty boring advertisements, the site doesn’t send a satisfactory amount of visits. But for those who are starting it can be a good option, as it can also be used as a backlink.
Overall it’s a good platform and can meet your needs. As the submission and registration of links is very easy, with it you won’t need to resize the thumbnails before sending or create a description for the content sent. Remembering that the daily sending limit must not exceed 3 links.

I save you: One of the biggest link aggregators on the internet, if not the biggest, has the registration of different content, ranging from movies and TV to adult content . The site has a very easy-to-use link registration system. With it you’ll be able to send up to 2 links a day and receive thousands of daily free visits to your website.
Site well organized and separated by categories, does not have an approval system as rigid as the competitors, being the preference of bloggers and youtubers who want free traffic.

Jana Links: Being one of the smallest link aggregators as of this writing, Jana Links is similar to Tia-Tanaka, but unlike all competitors, this aggregator does not have advertisements, which makes life easier for the user.
One of the most striking points on the site is that you can send as many links as you like per day, without any limit, but respecting its privacy policy.
On the other hand, the site is one of the smallest of its kind, but for those just starting out, it can be a partnership and an interesting source of traffic .

Hub links: In size, this aggregator is equal to or slightly larger than Jana links . Being able to send a good amount of free organic traffic to your site, you just need to send quality content to the aggregator.
It has a simple and easy-to-use platform that does not contain any invasive advertising.
With this adult content aggregator , you will be able to send up to 4 links per day and guarantee a portion of free traffic to your website.

Strategy to earn 5 to 7 thousand visits per day on the site

Hey guys, before I tell you the strategy, I have to tell you about my experience with link aggregators . First of all I want to say that it was and is being a good experience. That “Oh, it’s going to harm your site’s SEO” thing, so far I haven’t had any problem with it, on the contrary, my level of visits, indexed pages and other things related to the positioning of the site in search engines has been increasing.

With link aggregators , I managed to transform a small adult site that received an average of 2k daily visits, into a site that reached 10k of free traffic per day without any problems. Below, I’ll tell you what I did to reach this level:

  1. I chose the best images: I thought any image would be clicked on by users, but I realized that it’s actually the other way around. If you select the best possible standout images, your click-through rate is sure to increase;
  2. Amateur Videos: After all, this category of adult videos is one of the best niches to work with, and link aggregators are no different. Home videos are the most sought after by the Brazilian public;
  3. Do not send the same video to all aggregators. Submitting the same content to all of them can lower your views rate, as the same people can browse all of them, and if they click your link on one of the sites, they certainly won’t click the same link again on another aggregator.

Final conclusion: If you are starting now, thinking about starting or already have your adult website and want to gain more visits, link aggregators are the perfect option for that. In my experience with this type of site, aggregators have proven to be the best source of free traffic in the short term.
The big leap in this strategy is to create quality content, as well as use good thumbnails and descriptions of videos that have a real connection with the post content. Remember to avoid low quality thumbnails in all aggregators.

If you know of another aggregator of links aimed at adult sites that was not mentioned in the post, comment too! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate and make your comment, or contact me through the contact page Your feedback is very important.



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